Study Online with Chuck

Tap into Chuck Silverman's vast experience. Learn as he breaks down the most complicated of rhythms.

Funk and More

Chuck breaks down classic funk and many other styles in easy to learn videos.

Chuck Silverman

Study Cuban and Brazilian drumset with Chuck Silverman

Basic Snare Technique

Study Basic Snare Technique as taught by Murray Spivack and Richard Wilson.


Cuban Drum Set

Chuck is well known for applying cuban patterns to the drumset. He carefully crafted dozens of videos teaching ready to unlock the complexity of these rhythms in easy to understand segments.


Latin Funk Connection

These lessons concentrate on five very useful funk and Latin grooves. They are taught from the ground up, laying out in very easy-to-follow exercises exactly how Chuck has developed a definite style of playing the drum set.


Funk and
R & B


Chuck knows Funk  and how to teach these classic styles. In each of these videos he shows you how to break down the most important drumming elements  that went into each of these important grooves.


Latin Rudiments

The Latin Rudiments is an ongoing project which utilizes some basic Latin and Brazilian phrases and performs them first as rudimental ideas, accompanied by bass drum and hi hat, and in later lessons will explore ways of using these ideas to create musical drum set explorations.


Brazilian Drum Set

Chuck's knowledge of Brazilian music, garnered from his studies in Brasil and performing these rhythms for decades, brings you an invaluable source for your own education.


Basic Snare Drum Technique

Chuck's studies with Richard Wilson and Murray Spivack give him a unique perspective into this very important technique. Now, he shares his knowledge with you."

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Chuck has been described as "a consummate teacher and mentor." His learning and ability to teach the Spivack technique as shown to him by Murray Spivack and Richard Wilson is well known throughout the drumming world

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If you have ever wanted to learn how to play Latin rhythms on the drum set, Chuck Silverman is the teacher for you. A few hours of intensive study and practice with these engaging video lessons will help you on your way to understanding rhythms which have been popular for such a very long time. Latin rhythms have always been "hot" and will continue to be. They are an integral part to every drummer's vocabulary.

Classic Funk grooves form the foundation for today's hip hop, funk and much of  popular music's sounds. Studying these grooves is essential to your viability as a working musician. Chuck's ideas, lessons and study of these grooves are now available to you here at

You will learn to become a more consistent and creative drummer with the help of our extensive collection of instructional videos. 
  • Learn how to groove in any style of music. Latin, Funk and R & B are all covered.
  • Learn the Spivack Technique as shown to Chuck by Murray Spivack himself and Richard Wilson
Skip years of frustrating self learning with Chuck's extensive knowledge at just a fraction of the cost of traditional private lessons. is an online learning course designed to do just one thing:
Over the years Chuck Silverman has traveled extensively, learning from some of the greatest Latin, Brazilian and Funk drummers. With this brand new series of drum lessons he breaks down, in simple to understand terms, what can be played in order to create an authentic performance.
Chuck's lessons with snare drum Masters Murray Spivack and Richard Wilson prepared him for years of performing internationally. This relaxed way of letting the sticks do a lot of the work for you can also help you to perform at a consistently high level.
There are more than a few instructional videos out there including many that are free. Most of them are taught by musicians who know nothing about the history, culture and significance of the music they perform. gives you this insight through thoughtful and well constructed lessons

When you subscribe to you will learn: 

  • How to play basic Funk, Rock and R & B patterns
  • Learn the Spivack Technique for sound fundamental performance.
  • How to apply Cuban and Brazilian rhythms to the drum set. 
  • Receive two free bonuses including: The Practical Applications Video and The Drum Set Artists of Cuba.


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